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Company Environment Wind Power Systems
Concern for Environment and preservation of energy and resources
AF has developed alternate sources for power through wind mill project for self generation of electricity. It has installed two machines of 850KW capacity (Gamesa Make of Spain) and one machine of 2 MW capacity and will be adding further machines in the future when the company expands its operations. The self generated power will meet substantial requirement of electrical energy of the company. AF has ongoing projects concerning preservation of rare materials used in the foundry. AF has successfully developed in-house, a sand reclamation process wherein silica sand is recovered from used CO2 bonded mould sands. The company has put up a working model of the same in house.

“Ammarun Foundries is commited to green environment through deployment of cleaner technology,
preservation of natural resources and ever innovative in recycling the waste material
as much as in the art of metal casting”

"Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility"