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Facility- List of Machinery
Auto pouring system :
Induction Furnace Auto pouring system-Tundish with
VISIPOUR controls
Equipped with three medium frequency induction furnaces, 1.5 Ton 1000kw -2 Nos. and one number 2.0 Ton 1500kw capacity. Also in place Auto pour equipment , 2 ton capacity with in built control system for pouring moulds from high pressure moulding line coupled with auto inoculation technique.
Moulding Department :
High pressure Molding
line Sinto FCMX – II
Conventional Moulding

Conventional Moulding line with one Pair of ARPA-450 and two pairs of ARPA300 Simultaneous jolt / Squeeze Pin lift machines. Also, In place, advanced High pressure Moulding line SINTO FCMX II version to produce200 Moulds / hour.
Also Equipped with modern sand plant (60tons of sand per hour) fully automated control system incorporated with
fluidized bed cooler system for return sand.

Range of Mould boxes in the system

520mm x 400mm x 200mm
520mm x 400mm x 120mm
520mm x 520mm x 200mm
520mm x 520mm x 120mm
650mm x 650mm x 200mm
650mm x 650mm x 300mm
Core shop :
Equipped with cold box core shooting machines of 3 liters and 5 liters capacity and also shell core shooter.
Core Shooter
Laboratory :
Image Analyser Spectro
Spectro meter to analyze 20 elements (ARL Thermo electron Corporation Switzerland make) Also equipped with metallographic image analyzer to precisely estimate the various micro structural constituents. Also equipped with mechanical testing laboratory to estimate tensile strength, hardness and sand laboratory to monitor foundry sand quality on a continual basis

Physical Laboratory :

3 Tons Capacity -
Brinell Hardness Tester
40 Tons capacity -
Universal Testing Machine
250 Kgs Capacity -
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Pattern shop :
Manufacturing, aligning and Mounting Metallic patterns, to meet close dimensional tolerance in the castings

InHouse Girding Facilities
Shot Blasting Machine - Disa Make DTC-I
1.5 Ton Capacity
Dust Collector for Grinding 
Environmental friendly fettling shop
Equipped with shot blasting machines of hanger type and tumblast type, Grinding machines , with individual machine
dust collection system in built.