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Material Range in Production
Grey Iron  - From low tensile to high tensile strength grades.
Ductile Iron  - Pearlitic Ductile Iron to various ranges of Ferritic Ductile Irons.
Compacted Graphite iron
AF has the following range in their production line
Automotive items like Brake Drums, Brake Discs, Hubs, Flywheels, Timing case, Oil sump and Gear Box Housings
Housings, castings for tractor application
Valve body assembly castings
Motor and pump castings
Compressor part castings
Castings for General Engineering Industries
Castings for textile machinery application
Product Mix Looked For..
Details of manufacturing lines and product mix looked for..
Line Material Piece Wt. Min/Max. Minimum Order Quantity
Hand Moulding Grey / Ductile Iron 100 Kg to 1000 Kg 10 to 100 Nos / Month
Machine Moulding Grey / Ductile Iron 300 gms to 30 Kg 500 Nos to 1000 and above
in large volume per month
High Pressure Moulding line Grey / Ductile Iron 1 Kg to 60 Kg 1000 Nos and above
in large volume per month